Interior Options

We have 3 interior options available:

1.  Cotton Muslin $100  available for all coffins and caskets.

2.  Colorful Blanket $125  available for all coffins and caskets.  Color availability will vary.

3.  Turquoise Cotton $115  available for coffins only.

All of our bedding is stuffed with fresh pine shavings from our shop.  The bedding is soft, provides a plush cushion, smells wonderful and is biodegradable.

interior bedding, biodegradable interior, natural interior lining, simple casket interior
Interior bedding


PLEASE NOTE:  the floor of every unit is made of wood.  If you plan on using a personal quilt or favorite blanket for burial we recommend our Cotton interior as you will still need to provide the soft support of bedding for your loved one.


Cotton Muslin
Cotton Interior


Blanket Interior
Blanket Interior


simple interior, natural interior, simple cotton interior, casket interior
Cotton Interior