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Handcrafted Solid Wood Coffins At Reasonable Prices

Interior dimensions and pricing of the "Chariot" in Sugar Pine are:
Small -  8"deep x 10"wide x 16"long ~$150.00 plus shipping (with pillow add $20.00)
Med. - 10"deep x 16"wide x 25"long ~ $185.00 plus shipping (with pillow add $25.00)
Large - 12"deep x 20"wide x 36" long ~ $250.00 plus shipping (with pillow add $30.00)
You pet's "Chariot" is also available in aromatic red cedar, red oak or walnut.

Aromatic Cedar:   Small - $192   Medium - $225   Large - $300.00
Red Oak:              Small - $240   Medium - $278   Large - $370.00
Black Walnut:       Small - $325   Medium - $375   Large -$500.00
(not shown)

THE OLD PINE BOX offers personalized custom artwork to
dress up our pine "Chariots".  These adornments can grace all
sides of the coffin as well as the lid.  

Pricing starts at just $20.00 for simple illustrations like those
shown right.
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The Medium is
available assembled
or in 'kit' form, the
Large comes only in
'kit' form.
See the Easy to
Kit instructions
More elaborate, special requests are also
welcomed, as on this cremation urn shown left.
A simply designed pet coffin with sliding
lid and decorative trim. Your pet's
"Chariot" comes unfinished to allow for
your personalization or may be customized
with artwork as seen below. The "Chariot"
may be purchased with an optional blanket
topped pillow (pillows are custom sewn,
blanket fabrics will vary). The large and
medium sized models are equipped with
wooden handles along the sides.
Until needed for its ultimate use, the
"Chariot" can function beautifully as your
pet's toy box.
Aromatic Cedar
Red Oak