PIONEER Style Toe Pincher Pine
The classic western pine box coffin with
recessed panels and flush mounted handrails.  
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Handcrafted Solid Wood Coffins and Caskets
PEACE Style Pine Casket
A modern style of pine box casket, complete
with raised panels and through grip handles.
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Family Funerals
At THE OLD PINE BOX we believe our models should be beautiful, functional and
affordable to honor those who have passed without exploiting the vulnerable state of those
remaining. Each of our stock models has been designed with these qualities in mind.

All caskets offered by THE OLD PINE BOX are individually handcrafted and designed to return to the earth
naturally.  We use only solid wood in our construction; plywood and synthetic materials are avoided. All models
offered by
THE OLD PINE BOX are suitable for cremation or direct burial. Our caskets contain no screws, nails,
hinges, other hardware, or animal based glues.* Unless noted otherwise, they are sold unfinished to keep them as
natural as possible and to allow for
personal decoration by family members.

Our stock models are completely kosher.

Custom sizing is available and you may choose to have your casket constructed in any of these alternate woods: alder,
birch, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, redwood, or walnut.  If you prefer a more finished look, hand-rubbed oil
finishes in a variety of shades from natural to ebony are available. Additional charges may apply for special sizes,
woods and finishes. Check out our complete list of
options and accessories.

*These claims may not apply to specialty or pet caskets.
Our Models
Specialty Woods
A variety of woods are available in each style
listed above.
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